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Hi, we are a travel blog accepting guest posts from like-minded people with a passion for traveling to amazing places of the world, and love adventures. If you are a traveling blogger or owns a website which is related to travel and likes sharing information with would-be travelers on various destinations of the world, you can do so by sharing it right here. Our readers would love new tips and guides. It need not be about the top attractions such as the Seven Wonders of the World, it can be less popular places where people can still enjoy the culture, the traditions or just simply chill and relax.

The guest post article which you are going to write to us can be as informative as you want, you can even add in some humor if you like. Everyone have their own style of writing so we won’t hinder your creativity, but we do have some guidelines or requirements, which you should know about before submitting the guest posts to us.

It is very important that the guest post/article that you are going to submit to us, must be original content written by you or your team, and not some duplicated content, which can be found on the Internet or anywhere else. If you are not a native English writer, that’s ok, as long the content is readable. It needs to be at least 400 words in length, and you need to provide us with a title so that we don’t need to crack our brains to think of 1 for you (lol).

The guest post content must not have any profanity in it, as it should be family friendly. There shouldn’t be any information about illegal activities of any kind even though the destinations, which you are trying to share, may have such activities. As mentioned, let’s keep it family friendly where the whole family can enjoy.

The content that you are going to write for us needs to be travel related, if let’s say you have something else in mind, you can let us know first and we will see if it will still fit into our blog.

Yes we can link back to your blog or website. But the links must not redirect users to another website, that is why we don’t allow URL shorteners to be used as links. I mean you wouldn’t want to reach a different website which you did not expect. Of course, you can link to authority website such as Wikipedia, CNN, Ted, HuffingtonPost etc. Or even link to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc… if you do not have a website/blog.

We apologize first as we don’t allow images/photos yet, anyway who knows, we may change this in the future, so keep a lookout for new updates.

We hope we have your kind understanding that we will still need to review the travel guest post submitted by you. Our team will do their best to notify you once it has been approved. We apologise, if you do not hear from us as most likely the content which you wrote for us has been rejected. Don’t be dishearten, maybe you can improve it and give a try again. Submit a guest post about travel to us now. Please allow us time to work and respond back to you, we are a small team so it will take us some time, your patience is much appreciated. You can fill in the form below:

PS: As mentioned, it may not be about huge tourist attractions, it could just be about a small town where you think may interest travellers or have given you amazing experience. Looking forward for your awesome travel stories. Cheers!